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Wooden Shjips 'Dos' LP

Wooden Shjips 'Dos' LP

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Here we have a WoodenShjips record the world saw coming—not titled II, Sophomore,or Second, but Dos. The group maintains its strident pace like asilverfish rave in perfectly folded bedsheets, with more bounceper ounce as life goes jogging with bopping heads and diggingheels. Five numbers whose style might fit as cozily at La Cave in1968 as at Ibiza in 1988. Natural loops with just enough vocalstake you where the khakis and the cut-offs play together.Dos sounds off as the inauguration speech of a group acceptingthe minimalist psych bop crown that once adorned thelikes of Neu and Loop. If possible, their brand of whipping fuzzhooks have gotten groovier. “Motorbike” begins the programwith an attack of bleeding organ and cicada chirps—a wiley,wheel-spinning cloud-kicker indeed. “For So Long” introducesthe hip-swayed, shoulder-dropping dance steps of the album. Atthis point, the guitar delivers a concise Fogerty / Karoli vibe ofstiff and loose kraut blues. Closing side one is the stop-motiongo-go anthem “Down by the Sea.” Imagine yourself in the backof a cigarette boat with Alan Vega and Takashi Mizutani circlingEaster Island. Smile as you melt under the glare of theirmirrored sunglasses staring your own face back at you.The needle drops on side two. Beyond the dawning of the ageis “Aquarian Time,” a dense number that demands more weedand less booger-sugar. A steady plink of keys blipping like brightsatellites in dark space accents this track’s blissed-out sludge.The hypnotic pop grace of “Fallin’,” the soundtrack for the lastlog on the fire as Winter eternally breaks into Spring, will stickin your mind until the record is played again on speakers of anysize.


Catalogue number: HOLY144233377

Condition: New

Label: Holy Mountain

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