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The Pop Group 'Y (Remastered)' LP + 12"

The Pop Group 'Y (Remastered)' LP + 12"

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The Pop Group’s highly influential and innovative debut album ‘Y’ released in 1979, remastered from the original tapes. CD and vinyl formats include the debut single ‘She Is Beyond Good And Evil’ (also remastered).

The Pop Group’s ‘Y’ regularly appears in Greatest Album lists, such as Pitchfork’s Greatest Albums Of The 70’s where it’s listed at #35, The Wire’s 100 Most Important Records Ever Made and Uncut Magazine’s 100 Greatest Debut Albums.
The Pop Group went on to release two further singles, ‘We Are All Prostitutes’ and ‘Where There Is A Will’ (split single with the Slits) and one further studio album, ‘For How Much Do We Tolerate Mass Murder’, before splitting up in 1981. Mark Stewart from the band embarked on a solo career releasing his pioneering album ‘Learning To Live With Cowardice’ in 1983. Gareth Sager and Bruce Smith went on to form Rip Rig & Panic alongside Neneh Cherry.
The Pop Group reformed in 2010 to tour and have since released two new studio albums.
The band will be touring at the end of 2019 and throughout 2020 in support of the album release.
“The Pop Group were unique in that every song on their hugely influential album ‘Y’ seemed like it could fall apart at any moment, but even in their loosest moments they somehow managed to contain the turmoil long enough to create something bold, dramatic, meticulously organized” - Pop Matters (Top 50 Best Post Punk Albums Ever)
“In the destranged world of today’s ‘alternative’ rock, the album sounds more impossible than ever... Joy Division’s ‘Closer’ is often considered the crown jewel of post-punk, but Y - inchoate with potential, the fire to Joy Division’s ice - has an equal claim.” - Mark Fisher, FACT Magazine
Cut to vinyl using half speed mastering at Abbey Road with 12”, original
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