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Snow Ghosts 'A Quiet Ritual' LP

Snow Ghosts 'A Quiet Ritual' LP

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Snow Ghosts return with ‘A Quiet Ritual,’ an album which summons ancestral spirits, myths, rituals and songs of old, unbending truths of love, death and nature, weaving these elements through the prisms of contemporary, open-ended genres like electronica, post rock and metal, to create a very physical ambience.

‘A Quiet Ritual’ is written for an ensemble of classical and modern instruments including the carnyx, an Iron Age Celtic boar-headed horn excavated from a bog in Deskford, Scotland. This mix of instruments is indicative of the theme of timelessness common to this album and their previous work.

Throughout the album Cartwright’s vocals provide an illuminating warmth and lucidity that fights against desolation - a desire to live and to love.

‘A Quiet Ritual’ is Snow Ghost’s most indomitable, beautiful and compelling album to date.


Catalogue number: HTH103

Condition: New

Label: Houndstooth
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