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Prana Crafter 'Bodhi Cheetah's Choice' LP

Prana Crafter 'Bodhi Cheetah's Choice' LP

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Prana Crafter’s Beyond Beyond is Beyond debut is an electric woods walk. “Bodhi Cheetahs Choice” rambles, soars and flows through a heavy fog of psychedelia.

The music of Prana Crafter is most easily tagged acid folk but such a reduction misses the electronic and avant influences, the boggy atmospheres and synthesized meditations. Like the forests that creator William Sol roams in rural Washington state, Prana Crafters music is both familiar and ever-changing. Without pledging devotion to any one, Sol invokes great spirits of the past with acoustic and electric guitars, synths, and hand drums. Not so much an album as it is a channeling, “Bodhi Cheetahs Choice” needs to be heard by the third ear


Catalogue number: LPBBIB044

Condition: New

Label: Beyond Beyond Is Beyond

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