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Petrol Girls 'Cut and Stitch' LP

Petrol Girls 'Cut and Stitch' LP

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Limited green vinyl.

Petrol Girls are a raging feminist post-hardcore punk band, formed in London, with members from Austria, Lithuania and the UK. Now based all over the place and touring incessantly, they are strong advocates of freedom of movement, anti capitalism and intersectional feminism. Rooted in a DIY music community that has always combined politics with punk rock, Petrol Girls are challenging mainstream values like nationalism and the gender binary, and the oppressions that these ideals promote. With diverse influences such as Refused, The Slits, Fugazi and Björk, the band are constantly developing musically as well as politically.

Cut and Stitch is a patchwork of different sounds, ideas and feelings. It’s their most experimental record yet, both musically and lyrically. It's an honest and human album full of rage and intensity.


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