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Om 'God Is Good' LP

Om 'God Is Good' LP

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‘God Is Good’ is the fourth album from the indomitable OM since their formation in 2001. It was their first new record in two years.

OM albums are rituals, personal convictions transcripted into verse. Playing the music is visceral, emotional, a catharsis of soul and spirit.

As ever, dynamic relationships and the slow building of mood are attenuations that shape the structures of ‘God Is Good’. With careful microscopic increase, the energy grows through the four songs, leading towards moments that one could interpret as… Revelation? Oblivion? Awakening?

OM are part of a community of musicians and thinkers whose influence only grows: Current 93, Six Organs Of Admittance, Lichens, Sir Richard Bishop, Alpha & Omega and Grails.

Catalogue number: DC404

Condition: New

Label: Drag City

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