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Motorhead 'The World Is Yours' LP

Motorhead 'The World Is Yours' LP

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Limited coloured vinyl LP.

Motorhead are a lifestyle. Motorhead are a mindset, a belief, a way to live your life, a way to both survive and beat a society that sometimes seems intent on trying to grind you down. Which is why Motorhead have chosen now, in what might be some of the most tense times in recent global history, to release a hell-raising, rebel-rousing rock'n'roll statement known as The World is Yours. a vitriolic statement infused with genuine anger at the state of the world, never have motorhead sounded so vital and essential. tracks like Get Back in Line and Brotherhood of Man are destined to become instant Motorhead classics and The World is Yours has rock n roll menace pumping through its veins.

Catalogue number: 0190296955211

Condition: New

Label: Motorhead Music
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