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Mette Henriette 'Mette Henriette' LP

Mette Henriette 'Mette Henriette' LP

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The untitled ECM album debut of young Norwegian saxophonist, composer and improviser Mette Henriette Martedatter Rølvåg, an arrestingly original musical statement, was released in 2015 as a 2-CD set. Highlights from the double disc are now issued on a single 180g vinyl album. ’Jazz’ players and ‘classical’ players are drawn together in her ensembles, but the music shapes its own world, outside genre definitions. Mette Henriette is interlacing form and freedom in fresh ways here, as her intense and focused tenor saxophone sound moves inside compositions of sometimes disarming fragility.
In this music, vulnerability can be as potent a force as full-tilt blowing, but there is a place for both. The recording’s expressive and emotional range is wide. The first side here features trio music with Mette Henriette, pianist Johan Lindvall and cellist Katrine Schiøtt. Side B has Mette’s “sinfonietta” with thirteen players. Line-up of the larger group includes some names familiar to ECM listeners - trumpeter Eivind Lønning, drummer Per Oddvar Johansen, and the members of the Cikada Quartet - all pooling creative energies to serve Mette’s music.
The album was recorded at sessions in Oslo in May and August 2014 and
produced by Manfred Eicher.


Catalogue number: 7763995

Condition: New

Label: ECM
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