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Maarja Nuut and Ruum 'Muunduja' LP

Maarja Nuut and Ruum 'Muunduja' LP

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Maarja Nuut is an amazing Estonian violinist / singer. Her new album is a collaboration with fellow Estonian electronic artist, Ruum. Co-produced by Howie B, it's an amazing meeting of electronic and acoustic sources. Maarja already has a strong following from her last (self-released) album in the folk / world music scene. She won the artist prize at Tallinn Music Week in 2016 and has been gigging consistently for the past few years, touring the world, playing Womex and Womad to great response. This new album has the potential to cross her over into a more contemporary classical / electronic worlds..



Catalogue number: LP1330

Condition: New

Label: 130701
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