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Fugazi 'Margin Walker' LP

Fugazi 'Margin Walker' LP

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Fugazi's second release, first released as Dischord 35 and then as the latter half of the 13 Songs album along with their first EP, 7 Songs. Margin Walker is clearly an artistic step above 7 Songs, a further progression in the early Fugazi sound. 

Fugazi: Margin Walker

Ian MacKaye - vocals & guitar
Guy Picciotto - vocals
Joe Lally - bass
Brendan Canty - drums

6 songs
Recorded: December 1988
Released: June 1989

1. Margin Walker
2. And the Same
3. Burning Too
4. Provisional
5. Lockdown
6. Promises

Recorded at Southern Studios
Produced by John Loder


Catalogue number: DIS35

Condition: New

Label: Dischord

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