Fugazi 'Margin Walker' LP

Fugazi 'Margin Walker' LP


Fugazi's second release, first released as Dischord 35 and then as the latter half of the 13 Songs album along with their first EP, 7 Songs. Margin Walker is clearly an artistic step above 7 Songs, a further progression in the early Fugazi sound. 

Fugazi: Margin Walker

Ian MacKaye - vocals & guitar
Guy Picciotto - vocals
Joe Lally - bass
Brendan Canty - drums

6 songs
Recorded: December 1988
Released: June 1989

1. Margin Walker
2. And the Same
3. Burning Too
4. Provisional
5. Lockdown
6. Promises

Recorded at Southern Studios
Produced by John Loder


Catalogue number: DIS35

Condition: New

Label: Dischord

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