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Eric Serra 'Nikita' 2xLP

Eric Serra 'Nikita' 2xLP

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Soundtrack for the 1990 film by Luc Besson.


A1. Rico's Gang Suicide
A2. Playing On Saucepans
A3. As Cold As Ice
A4. The Sentence
A5. Paradise?
A6. Failed Escape
A7. Learning Time
B1. A Smile
B2. Fancy Face
B3. First Night Out
B4. Npokmop
C1. The Last Time I Kiss You
C2. The Free Side
C3. I Am On Duty!
C4. Josephine And The Big Dealer
C5. Mission In Venice
D1. Fall
D2. Let's Welcome Victor
D3. Last Mission
D4. We Will Miss You
D5. The Dark Side Of Time



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