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Crows 'Reason Enough' LP

Crows 'Reason Enough' LP

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Dinked Edition #304:

  • 180g blue eco-mix vinyl 
  • Signed 12” x 12” art insert 
  • Large fold-out poster 
  • Gatefold sleeve
  • Hand-numbered 
  • Limited pressing of 500 

Crows have arrived. ‘Reason Enough’, their third studio album, is the one the band have taken the longest to write. Partly because they had to fit the exercise around working full-time jobs, but also because of the freedom that was afforded to them around this specific project, which takes the post-punk four piece’s historically adrenaline-fuelled sound into fresh territory. Though the band’s punk spirit remains intact, sonically, they’re more refined and cohesive than ever; it’s the most mature Crows have ever sounded, without compromising any of their intrinsic grit. Following 2022's 'Beware Believers' and their 2019 debut 'Silver Tongues', 'Reason Enough' lands September 27th 2024 via Bad Vibrations. 

For the occasion, James Cox (vocals), Steve Goddard (guitar), Jith Amarasinghe (bass) and Sam Lister (drums), swapped their usual rehearsal space, a small studio in Homerton, East London, for the cavernous walls of a “weird little studio” – as Goddard puts it – in Stroud, Gloucestershire. More specifically, a former Catholic church and convent where the band parked themselves up in the crypt, which was more conducive to inspiring the foundations for ‘Reason Enough’. “Having a more relaxed approach this time around meant we could explore different stuff,” Goddard says. “We don’t want to sound the same as we did before – this is our third album, we have to move on. And so we fucked around a bit more.” 

Armed with dozens of ideas, they returned to London in a bid to finesse them all alongside Mercury Prize-nominated producer and master of the polished indie record Andy Savours (Black County, New Road, My Bloody Valentine). The result: a concise, 10-track album which goes a long way to show Crows’ sonic versatility. It’s more melodic work than what Crows have previously done, “rather than being all-out punk”, as Goddard puts it. “It feels less lo-fi, cleaner and more well-rounded as a result,” Cox adds. 

Lyrically, Cox drew heavily from a difficult year, both personally and in terms of facing up to a heavy-going news cycle. “I went pretty unhappy with the lyrics and vocals,” he says. “I wanted to moan a bit. If the last album was angrier, this one is definitely sadder.” Indeed, a general sense of malaise, isolation, unease and a desire for growth in spite of it all permeate ‘Reason Enough’ – an album which strikes a satisfying balance between existentialism, soul-searching, and a discerning brand of indie-rock: “We’re doing the same thing, but a lot better. This is Crows in high definition.”


Condition: New

Label: Bad Vibrations

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