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Centrum 'För Meditation' LP

Centrum 'För Meditation' LP

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“The mantra that you’re given in Transcendental Meditationyou keep to yourself. The reason being, true happiness is notout there, true happiness lies within” -so states David Lynch,a vocal proponent of this art on a twice-daily basis since 1973.It’s a maxim that holds true to Sweden’s Centrum, whose Rocket Recordings debut forms no less than a mysteriousyet meaningful voyage into inner space.Indeed, on ‘För Meditation’ these sometime members of Hillsand Weary Nous explore a soundworld that demonstrates alltoo adeptly that true heaviness of intent need not be thepreserve of demonic riffs and highly cranked amps. Weavinga dense and beguiling tapestry of drone-based hypnosis, mantric vocal chants and ritualistic folk along with fieldrecordings from a trip themembers made to India, this bandalso inadvertently plots our a map from the experimentalmusic of the early-‘70s to the present, alighting on a myriadtouchstones on the way.Yet tempting through it may be to place ‘För Meditation’amidst the uniquely Swedish lineage of primal and arcadianPsychedelia that began with artists like Arbete Och Fritid,Träd, Gras och Stenar and International Harvester, theband are keen to emphasise that inspiration arrives atCentrum from all quarters. “From Pandit Pran NathtoTrees, from Velvet Underground to Popol Vuh, anythingand everything.So lay down relax, turn off your phone and let Centrumbe your guide!


Catalogue number: LAUNCH165

Condition: New

Label: Rocket Recordings

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