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Aborted 'Vault of Horrors' LP

Aborted 'Vault of Horrors' LP

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Since their unholy inception in 1995, death metal miscreants Aborted have been one of the pioneers of the genre and have annihilated friend and foe with relentless intensity and an uncompromising mix of flawless technicality and raw emotion. 

Having carved a niche for themselves in the extreme metal realm, the multi-national combo around Sven de Caluwé initially gained notoriety by offering up ruthlessly fast death-grind with groovy breakdowns on their early works (The Purity of Perversion, Goremageddon: The Saw And The Carnage Done). By meticulously crafting and introducing more technical elements on more recent releases such as TerrorVision, Retrogore and ManiaCult, Aborted has consistently sharpened their lethal blend of furious death metal. Thereby firmly cementing their status as one of the most menacing and envelope-pushing metal acts of the 21st century.

For their twelfth studio album, set to attack the living, the band teamed up with Nuclear Blast. With each of the ten new tracks, Aborted dives deep into the vaults of VHS cassettes and stories that have been haunting us all for decades. Each song pays tribute to a horror cult classic and ranges from obligatory cuts such as ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ (to be found on 'Death Cult’) or ‘Halloween’ (‘The Shape Of Hate’) to the more recent ‘The Mist’ to be discovered on ‘Malevolent Haze’. True to themselves, it wouldn’t be an Aborted reference without an odious homage to none other than shit daemon ‘The Golgothan’ (sadly defeated by Silent Bob through the use of deodorant, cheeky bastard!). 

There are plenty of familiar faces (and those who collect them), stories and easter eggs to be found on these ten ferocious, gut-wrenching death metal slashers.

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