Wolves In The Throne Room 'Two Hunters' 2xLP

Wolves In The Throne Room 'Two Hunters' 2xLP


The music of the Wolves in the Throne Room is rooted in the traditions of black metal, but they subvert the common aesthetic and ideology in order to remain true to their own personal manifestations. The groups willingness to experiment with unconventional methods of recording and collaborate with avant-garde musicians sets them apart from the mundane normalcy that plagues many black metal bands albums as of late. Haunting minor key melodies, relentlessly blasting double kick drumming and repetitive riffs that become hypnotic almost-drones. The Wolves add plenty of their own flavour with plenty of weird folk interludes, creepy swirling melodies, stretches of plodding doom, mathy rhythms and moaning ambience. jessica kinney provides beautifully dark vocals on Cleansing and I Will Lay Down my Bones Among the Rocks and Roots.

Catalogue number: SUNN83LP

Condition: New

Label: Southern Lord

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