POLIÇA ‘Madness’ LP

POLIÇA ‘Madness’ LP

Pre-order. Due 24th June.

Limited yellow vinyl.
POLIÇA, the Minneapolis-based project of singer Channy Leaneagh, producer Ryan Olson, bassist Chris Bierden and drummers Ben Ivascu and Drew Christopherson, announce their new album, ‘Madness’, via Memphis Industries. ‘Madness’ is POLIÇA’s seventh release since 2012’s ground breaking debut LP ‘Give You The Ghost’.
Recorded mostly from 2020-2021 in Ryan Olson’s Minneapolis studio with lyrics written and recorded by Channy Leaneagh in her room, ‘Madness’ is an experimental expansion of the four-piece family band of Chris Bierden (bass), Drew Christopherson and Ben Ivascu (drums) to include the anthropomorphic production tool ‘AllOvers(c)’, designed by Olson and fellow producer and sound-artist Seth Rosetter.
This latest release continues within the collaborative enclave in which POLIÇA resides and includes co-production by Dustin Zahn (‘Alive’ and ‘Away’), Alex Ridha and Alex Nutter (‘Violence’). First single from the album is the anthemic pulse of ‘Alive’, which Channy Leaneagh describes as follows: “Bad things happen, the fire goes out; even with the best flammables it stays dark until nothing matters becomes the fire itself.”
POLIÇA began in Minneapolis in 2011 when singer Channy Leaneagh started collaborating with Ryan Olson, the producer of Jagjaguwar-signed soft rock collective Gayngs, on a new batch of synthesizer and percussion- heavy arrangements. Channy was in the process of emerging from a personal and creative break up, with this informing much of the lyrical content of the songs.
The resulting debut album, 2012’s ‘Give You The Ghost’, immediately garnered international acclaim, with Rolling Stone hailing it as “the sound of heartbreak and celebration happening simultaneously” and Q praising it as “a bewitching, urgent, magical debut.” Bon Iver, meanwhile, declared that POLIÇA were the “best band I’ve ever heard” and Jay-Z weighed in with a co-sign. The record became known for Channy’s electronically manipulated vocals (using a TC-Helicon voice processor) that lent the album much of its uniqueness, as heard on tracks such as ‘Lay Your Cards Out’ and ‘Dark Star’.
The albums ‘Shulamith’ and ‘United Crushers’ followed in 2013 and 2016 respectively, before the release of 2020’s ‘When We Stay Alive’. ‘Madness’ serves as something of a companion piece to ‘When We Stay Alive’ and Channy sums up the lyrics and the startling artwork for it as follows: “I am here for you all and I am never truly myself here. I am her for you all and I am never truly her.”

Catalogue number: MI0737LPX

Condition: New

Label: Memphis Industries

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