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Majesty Crush 'Butterflies Don't Go Away' 2xLP

Majesty Crush 'Butterflies Don't Go Away' 2xLP

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Milky clear vinyl.

Majesty Crush was filed and misfiled in one category or another throughout their brief but extraordinary career. They answered the call to open up for just about every dream pop, paisley, or shoegaze band that made it to the Midwest in the early part of the 90s… Mazzy Star, The Verve, Julian Cope, Chapterhouse, Curve and My Bloody Valentine just to scratch the surface. This linked them with a scene and a sound not necessarily their own…they were far too ambitious to gaze at any shoes, especially their own, and with a frontman, David Stroughter, who sometimes seemed to channel Syd Barrett, they were not hiding behind layers of guitar. Their less-told dimension is that they also shared stages and collaborators with uncategorizable locals like Laughing Hyenas, His Name Is Alive, and Jack White (in Goober & the Peas)… members also grew up around Motown royalty, and at any show you might find kin to Diana Ross, or P-Funk members, or Marvin Gaye songwriters.

Driven by lust-fueled limerence and drifting far from conformity, Butterflies Don’t Go Away captures Majesty Crush’s transient, yet subversive mark on the landscape of American shoegaze to come. Tracked between 1991-1995, the quartet reimagined the collapse of the American rust belt as a late-night, nail biting fever dream/revenge fantasy. This deluxe 2xLP compiles their Love 15 album, singles, EPs, and rarities, all remastered from the original tapes, with thorough annotation and visual documentation in a 24-page booklet. An immortal transcendence if there ever was one.

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Label: Numero

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