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Nino Rota 'La Dolce Vita' 2xLP

Nino Rota 'La Dolce Vita' 2xLP

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Cam Sugar release the restored soundtrack of La Dolce Vita, one of the timeless milestones of Italian cinema, directed by Federico Fellini and featuring music by Nino Rota. The release marks a new instalment of Cam Sugar’s Heritage series, the label’s collection dedicated to the scores that made the history of Italian cinema.

La Dolce Vita is here presented in a newly-remastered version of the original album with 14 tracks previously unreleased on vinyl and digital. Among these stands out the vocal version of the main theme performed by the delightful voice of Katyna Ranieri, wife of composer Riz Ortolani. La Dolce Vita is available on 2LP vinyl and on CD featuring a new artwork that offers a contemporary update on the film’s iconography.

The timeless elegance of Nino Rota’s music — immediately recognisable in the world of Federico Fellini is constantly suspended in the film between melancholia and up-tempo amusement. Rota blends jazz, rock ‘n roll, Latin rhythms and circus music to offer a compendium of mundanity and solitude, of desire and dissatisfaction, perfectly capturing the sweet but cheeky attitude of protagonist Mastroianni.


Catalogue number: 0923162

Condition: New

Label: Cam Sugar

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