65daysofstatic 'One Time For All Time' LP

65daysofstatic 'One Time For All Time' LP

180 gram black vinyl pressing

The long-awaited first vinyl edition of 65 days of static’s classic, critically acclaimed 2005 album, ‘One Time For All Time’.

A pressing of 1000 deluxe LPs on 180 g vinyl - 500 copies on black vinyl. Includes a large format 12-page colour booklet containing the images and titles of all 1000 hand-decorated individual Polaroid photos taken by the band and used to create unique customised sleeves for the sold-out limited edition ‘Radio Protector 7” single” in 2006, plus a copy of the album CD and a colour-printed inner sleeve.

Following the release of their widely acclaimed debut album ‘The Fall of Math’ in 2004, 65daysofstatic spent several months touring the UK, playing to packed venues and festival tents. They recorded three radio sessions for BBC Radio 1 - for the late John Peel, Zane Lowe and a live from Maida Vale Studios set for Huw Stephens. ‘One Time For All Time’ was written on and between those tours and is a mixture of confusion, guilt, exhaustion and anger. Furious drum'n'glitch beats collide with walls of guitar noise, broken laptop clicks and tranquil pools of piano. There are still no words. The band are still trying to articulate all that stuff that no-one’s really invented words for yet. Senses are pulled in every direction - this is not a happy album - yet the overall effect remains an uplifting experience…


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